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"NewsNite" Dead?

By Rich Heldenfels Published: August 17, 2012

Maybe not dead, certainly stripped down. The Western Reserve Public Media series is dumping its longtime news panel, going with a cheaper format and certain to be less timely. Here's a note sent to show participants:

To the NewsNite Team,

After much discussion and deliberation NewsNite will be taking on a new twist this season. Because of the poor economy, lack of funding, increased dues from PBS and a host of other financial reasons the station is on an extremely tight budget. In order to save both money and manpower, NewsNite will transition to a "NewsMaker" format. Jody [Miller] has agreed to host the season. We will be recording only a few times monthly with a schedule that allows for area news makers to come in and be pre-recorded for input to a weekly edited program.

Through the years, all of the panelists have done an excellent job. Your credibility and enthusiasm have made NewsNite a respected name in northeast Ohio. We appreciate the time and effort you put in to make NewsNite what it is today. Rest assured we will do our best to build on the foundation that you helped develop.

Duilio Mariola

Production/Local Programming Manager

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