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Nielsen: HDTV Homes Plentiful, HD Viewing Not So Much

By admin Published: November 8, 2010

From Nielsen: Now in 56 percent of U.S. households, High Definition television is one of the most quickly adopted consumer entertainment technologies of the past 20 years, but true HD viewing is still far eclipsed by viewing of standard definition television.

Only 13 percent of total day viewing on cable and 19 percent of viewing on broadcast television is “true HD” viewing, which requires an HD television and HD tuner that are tuned to an HD channel. In other words, despite the billions of dollars that Americans have spent buying high definition TVs, more than 80 percent of television viewing is still a standard definition experience. The reasons for this are various:

-- 44 percent of homes either do not have an HD set or an HD service.
-- Because most HD homes have at least one non-HD TV set, about one-third of programming is viewed on a standard set.
-- And even on HD sets, about 20 percent of viewing is through non-HD feeds.

For more info, see here.

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