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No Kickoff Yet

By RD Heldenfels Published: February 5, 2006

One of the first things I had published was a letter to Sports Illustrated in praise Joe Namath. I retain a lingering fondness for the guy, and the hope that he has indeed put his personal problems behind him. Besides, the guy's a showman, even now, and I enjoyed his mischievous grin while showing off the Jets logo in his jacket lining.

My wife is snarling at the terrible towels waving over the introductions of MVPs from the Steelers' Super Bowl wins.

Teams presented. Color guard. Moment of silence for Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King. Of course, some people are making big noise during the moment. I guess it's hard to be respectful after pounding brews for hours.

Dr. John, Aaron Neville and Aretha Franklin on the National Anthem. Big mistake. Aaron's struggling, and feels out of synch with Dr. John. Aretha's trying to save it, but she's not being presented clearly -- muddy sound, staticky pops.

Greatest televised national anthem ever is still Marvin Gaye's.

I actually backed up the DVR to show my wife the Harrison Ford/Dr. Seuss thing. It's kind of awful (as Ford overacts) but in a way a bold, silly, laugh-out-loud way,

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