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Not-So-Hasta La Vista, "Glee"

By admin Published: December 9, 2009

As you know, tonight's episode of "Glee" is the last new one until April. And, while it tied up some storylines, I have mixed feelings about the show.  ...

The Quinn-Finn pregnancy story is now done (although we still will have to deal with Quinn's pregnancy, and whatever might be her relationship with Puck, and how Finn will fit into all that, and of course what Quinn will do with the baby now). So, with the ending last week of the fake-pregnancy story, the show has cut its weakest plot thread, and for that I am glad. But the ending of it also involved one of several continuity problems in tonight's show. That is:

-- Given the whole mattress business a week ago, wouldn't Quinn have been aware that Will's marriage was breaking, and be worried about what would become of her baby?

-- If Will is getting regular phone updates from sectionals, wouldn't he know the winner long before the kids showed up with the trophy?

-- What was Artie doing on a bus with the rest of the glee club? Didn't he decide he could ride with his father, and had the bus money used to improve wheelchair access at the school?

But this was an episode that felt ungainly overall. The "you can't always get what you want" (significant pause) cue from Will to Finn was just bad. I know this is basically musical comedy and therefore not required to be realistic, but "Don't Rain on My Parade" seemed even more excessively orchestrated than usual, and the crowd reactions were over the top. (Hey, I have done my time in the crowd at show-choir competitions.) And I won't even go into the judges -- absurd attempt at comic relief and dragging out the result through another commercial break or two.

For a show that I like a great deal, this winter finale was a serious letdown. I hope for better after the break.

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