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Not ''Tonight'' (Expanded)

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 19, 2006

ABC has a press conference this morning with Charles Gibson (who will talk to us in Pasadena via satellite) and has tied some news announcements to the occasion. Including this one:

''ABC's evening newscast, 'World News Tonight,' has changed its name to 'World News With Charles Gibson,' ABC News President David Westin announced. The change is effective today...

'' 'The program we air at 6:30 p.m. each night remains our flagship broadcast, but it has evolved well beyond thirty minutes of television,' said Mr. Westin. 'With an afternoon webcast downloaded by millions, and updated content available throughout the day on, ''World News'' is always on.' '' (end announcement excerpt)

Can't wait to see how the others respond. ''The CBS 24/7 News''? ''NBC Nightly-and-Daily News''?

According to my notes, for the press conference Gibson wore a light-blue dress shirt with white undershirt and khaki slacks with tan socks and brown shoes. I bring this up because of the whole what-will-you-wear issue brought up at Katie Couric's press conference. (And it's a fair question for the reasons I mentioned in my Couric column here.)

The reporter who asked about Couric's wardrobe promised to ask Gibson about it, too. He kept his promise. ''I have four ties and five suits, and whichever one is on the right in the closet, that's the one I put on,'' Gibson said.

We ask the questions we need to ask. For example, later today we had a session with the cast of ''The Knights of Prosperity,'' a sitcom formerly known as ''Let's Rob...''  The bio for actor Rob Grisetti mentions that ''The Manhattan resident has taken up the hobby of planting corn in Central Park.'' How could you not ask about that?

So I did, after the session. ''That's what happens when I get too much time on my hands,'' Grisetti said. ''I get very bored, and I just had this image of corn growing all over Central Park. ... It's so funny, 'cause I thought something would come of that and nothing ever did. None of it grew. Or at least, if it did, they found it and got rid of it. It's one of those things were nobody seems to know if it's illegal. ... It's very unclear territory.

''I put it everywhere, in any mound of dirt I could find -- the conservatory gardens, Tavern on the Green, Central Park zoo, Columbus Circle. It was everywhere, but none of it came up!'' He is going to try again, though, during the off-season from ''Knights of Prosperity.''

''I've learned,'' he said. ''I'm not going to plant from seed. I'm actually going to plant from the starter root. Next year, buddy, next year.''

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