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Notebook: Chicken Night

By admin Published: February 12, 2010

Later today I hope to have notes on the NBC Thursday comedies, "Modern Family," "Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains," "Bones," Ellen DeGeneres's "American Idol" debut and maybe some other stuff.

But first: Who had it in for chickens on Thursday night? "Survivor" not only had the chicken-catching, which I could have lived with, but the barely-off-camera neck-wringing, which I could have done without. "Bones," meanwhile, had a case centered on a chicken plant, with plenty of details about the mistreatment of the animals and some more neck-wringing. Did KFC mess up an order to the producers guildi?

Kidding. More likely, Emily Deschanel may be making her feelings known to the show; she's vegan. (Temperance Brennan, her character, is a vegetarian but the show indicated last night that Brennan is one for health reasons, where Deschanel's choice is also based on how animals are treated.)

Anyway, an interesting juxtaposition.

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