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By RD Heldenfels Published: December 2, 2005

-- Still more comments have been added to the previous posts about ''Over There.'' You can find them below. I continue to marvel at the passion for the show. Clearly FX missed something in giving up on the show so soon (and I want to go back and look at it, and see more plainly what was missed).

A TV executive full of boldness and daring would find a way to bring it back -- and I mean do more than put on the reruns or issue a DVD. Unfortunately, real boldness and daring remain in short supply in television.

Yes, there are a lot of shows I love, and some of them take fascinating risks in their narrative and their character. And since, as I have said more than once, everything on TV is about politics, you don't need to do a show about a war to make a political/social point. But ''Over There'' managed to be political, and more than political, and entertainment, and more than entertainment.

-- Although this blog is about television, it is also about the life of a TV critic. Today, that life included hanging around my younger son's school for about an hour and a half, since he was up for a part in his school musical and was waiting for the cast list to be posted. He got the part he expected to get, and it's a pretty good one, and I was happy for him. That news, and waiting for that news, was more important than anything I saw on TV or said about TV today.

More important, too, was our shopping for parts for a school project, the two of us going over his list and trying to figure out which hardware would work. (The next challenge will be putting all the pieces together to match a diagram that did not come with assembly instructions.)

Also more important than TV was dinner for three -- me, wife, younger son -- out and about, and talking in the relaxed ways families are lucky to get to do. Dinner was followed by a huge laugh at my expense in the car; my wife was amused almost to the point of tears. And I'd rather have had that dinner, and that laugh, than spend a couple of hours with the TV on, even if it was my favorite show. There were years when I wouldn't have realized that, or would have pushed the thought aside because I felt the need to get through a pile of review tapes. I am glad those years are over.

-- The day and night were not TV-free, of course. We tried to kick back tonight with ''Mr. and Mrs. Smith.'' Funny parts, some good star power, but still basically ordinary. Not in a league with a good couple of hours of ''Lost'' or ''Veronica Mars,'' to be sure. Movies may loom bigger in the public consciousness than TV, especially when the movies include a tabloid-inspiring couple, but that doesn't make them better than what you see on the small screen.

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