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Notes From a Pop Culture Life

By admin Published: June 1, 2007

Took a day off from work today but the pop culture never stops ...

-- We're watching the Weather Channel and a graphic comes up listing named hurricanes from past Junes. One was called Allison. Target Demo -- visiting daughter -- began to hum Elvis Costello. I offered a bit of the lyric in my tuneless way.

-- The bride has been eager to watch "Because I Said So" with Target Demo, and the visit created an opportunity to sit down with the DVD. Much laughter ensued. Two of the women in the bride's office have also borrowed the DVD, and watched it with their respective mothers. Even though the movie was dogged by some critics, it clearly strikes a chord with people who can recognize some of the mother/daughter dilemma in their own lives.

-- Watched the third-season premiere of "The Closer" with the bride and with my visiting mother. We all like the show, making clear that it crosses gender/age boundaries. Varied reactions to the episode, although I enjoyed it just because I like to watch Brenda and her interaction with the other regular characters. (Some especially good stuff with Fritz.) May have more to say when it gets closer to the June 18 season premiere.

The day also included a visit to Don Drumm's studio, some chat about the novels of Karen Kingsbury, conversation on various TV developments. The pop culture life goes on.

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