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Notes from the Dilana Fan Club, ''Beacon TV'' Division

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 17, 2006

I'll be really interested to hear from ''Rock Star: Supernova'' fans after Tuesday night's telecast. As I have already mentioned, I went to the taping of Tuesday's show last night. Dilana was, in my view, by far the best of the lot and I wasn't alone. She drew a steady cluster of reporters at a press party after the taping Sunday night.

But I know that what's seen live is not the same as how it appears on TV. (For one thing, in the studio the band's sound battled a lot of vocals that sounded good in the hall but not so much when I listened to a CD of the performances.) So let me know what you think. And if you already like Dilana -- she of the growly voice, many piercings and tattoos -- here are some of the things she said to reporters on Sunday night.

Is she confident about her chances of winning the competition?  I don't want to sound cocky at all but I am extremely confident and I can easily see myself fronting this band on every level. At the same time, I have to remain realistic that anything can happen. But right now, I'm feeling really, really confident. I don't have any fears about getting onstage and delivering songs, because I love my songs and my heart is onstage.

Has she heard Supernova -- the band with Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke -- yet? Absolutely not, and that is one thing that I'm really curious about. I would hate to end up in a band that I totally don't feel musically. But I have faith, especially in Jason and Tommy. I'm not too sure about Gilby's style. I know he's a little more old-school, but I think the combination would be really cool. I loved Metallica as a kid and I think Jason's got that heavy thing, and I know Tommy does, too. And Tommy's doing a lot of deejaying so he's more up to date on what's going on now. I'd be really happy if they did a beat thing with the grunge and the rock. I'm not opposed to anything except I wouldn't want to be in a band that doesn't have energy and style. [As I mentioned in an earlier post, Tommy Lee says the band is giving the singers a track to learn soon, but Dilana hadn't gotten it when we talked.]

Does she want to take command of the competition early or build to success?  I want to take command from the start. It's my third week and I've maintained it for three weeks now, and there's no bloody way in hell I'm going to take a step back. It's either stay where I am right now, or move higher.  ... This is a competition. You have every performance to prove yourself. ..
   Like Ryan was saying (Sunday night), 'Yeah, I'm now starting to feel myself and get into it,' and I was like, 'You idiot.' ... This is a competition. You're going to get your ass kicked off if you don't do it now. ... You can't waste time in something like this.

About the contestants living under one roof (and the lack of privacy) : I loved it in the beginning but .. there's some tension, and I can't put my finger on it. But I get the feeling that people are making alliances and I've noticed that, the last few days they're not talking to me, or they're making sarcastic, smirky little remarks. ... I absolutely don't care (about the others) but I don't like living in an un-peaceful environment because it does affect me eventually. ... It does make good  television, and I wish it didn't. This is a musical thing. This is a world tour we're talking about. It's not ... ''Big Brother.'' ...

I work out every day and I can't go to the gym without someone walking me to the gym and standing there, watching me work out for an hour ... to make sure we don't run away, I guess. I keep saying, ''I want to be here! I promise you! I'm not going anywhere!'' ...
I don't like to rehearse in front of anybody. I don't like to warm up my voice in front of anybody. It's something that's very personal to me. I have tried every corner of this place to find a spot for me where I can do my thing without being heard, and I haven't found it yet. I am trying to learn how to play guitar better. I'm embarrassed to practice in front of anyone else because most of the guys are really good... I would love to find a spot where I could just play and let go without feeling someone's watching me, but I haven't found it.

On Tommy's televised come-ons to the women in the competition: I act stupid and pretend I don't get it and don't say anything back. I could be very cocky and give them a mouthful because I have loads to say. But I choose not to. ... It's an issue that me and the girls have talked a lot about in this house. The whole sex thing. I choose to say to myself, it's Tommy Lee, he's a freak, it's rock and roll,  he's gonna do it ... get used to it, you know. I've been in bands like that for many, many years. And once they get to know me and we're on the road touring, they'll realize there's absolutely no way and I'll be one of the boys. I'll actually get them the chicks. [Also, Dilana has a boyfriend in Houston.]

Come-ons from the guys in the competition: In the beginning, yeah. I think that's part of their problem. They realize they're not going to get any, and now they're all pissy about it. It's an ego thing. Sorry, guys. ... Today I was like, man, maybe that's what ]the tension among the contestants] is. They haven't had sex in three weeks, they've tried their luck with almost every single one of us, and they're not getting any. So maybe the ego thing is starting to kick in and they're not even aware of it.

Whether the women are better than the men on the show: Damn right, Skippy.

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