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Now I Really Know It's Friday the 13th...

By RD Heldenfels Published: January 13, 2006

On Thursday, I wrote a column for Saturday's Beacon Journal about FX beginning reruns of ''Over There.'' Because the reruns begin Saturday, I referred to ''tonight'' in the story. Then, because of some other things that needed to get in the paper, my column got moved to Friday. Unfortunately, the time reference in the story did not change. I wrote a correction to appear in tomorrow's paper. But, to make matters worse, TV Tattle ( has linked to the story. So I have also sent a note to TV Tattle explaining the mixup. (Update: TV Tattle has noted the correct night with its link.) What fun.

And that wasn't the end of it. In my Thursday mailbag column (which, by the way, I wrote on Tuesday), I declared we had probably seen the last of ''Arrested Development'' for the season (and probably ever) given Fox's disdainful scheduling of it. So, of course, the network announced today that it would bring it back for one night and two hours. (See below.) You can see why I'm feeling a little hexed today.

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