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By RD Heldenfels Published: January 30, 2006

Not a bad start to Monday. The mail included the DVD set of ''Action,'' the terrific 1999 comedy starring Jay Mohr as a driven and foul-mouthed movie producer. And he's even fouler on DVD, since the audio is now unbleeped. Although the show didn't last long on Fox, it's worth a look -- a sharp look at the entertainment business, with real names dropped (there's a great O.J. Simpson bit in the premiere) and celebrity cameos (Keanu Reeves, Salma Hayek). The DVD is due in stores on Feb. 21.

And it's nice to be thinking about television again. I hope to post something about last week's ''Veronica Mars'' before the day is done. A busy schedule kept me from watching it until last Friday, and then things got REALLY busy. On Friday night, when a reasonable life should include relaxation, I was working on the program for a jazz festival at my younger son's high school. Since my design skills are limited, it took some time. In fact, after my wife and spent 10 hours at a show-choir competition in Cuyahoga Falls on Saturday (since younger son is also in show choir), we were back working on the program that night -- running off pages, proof-reading, making liberal use of white-out.

Sunday included church, some finishing touches on the program design, copying each page 125 times, collating, making sure we had enough printer cartridges (the color cover was eating ink) and grocery-shopping. By the evening, as the covers were still being printed, the bride and I had stretched out on the couch, winding down and looking for something to watch that called for minimal attention to plot (since there was a serious chance of dozing) but at least had some entertainment value. In other words, ''Wedding Crashers.''

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