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Oh, Just Give Him the Oscar

By admin Published: December 6, 2007


Today's road trip to Cleveland involved "There Will Be Blood," the new movie from writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson. After the jump, why it made me think of "Training Day" ...

When I saw "Training Day," I think it was in the first scene with Denzel Washington that his performance made me think, oh, just give him the Oscar. He was so good and, even though he had a best-supporting-actor Academy Award, he was past due for best actor.

I bring this up because Daniel Day-Lewis, who stars in "There Will Be Blood" has at least one, and probably two or three, scenes where I was thinking the same thing. Now, I know that he already has a best actor Oscar. But his performance is so enthralling that he should make room for another.

The movie, by the way, is like other of Anderson's epics in its flashes of brilliance, its early tour de force and its willingness to extend (and repeat) some lines and moments to the point where you wish someone had been tougher about the editing. Still, I liked a lot of it. And there's Day-Lewis.

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