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Oh, That "Band Show"

By admin Published: May 10, 2007

Details from Fox about the show Ryan Seacrest was hyping on Wednesday's "Idol" ...

Here's the release. A few comments at the end:

The producers behind mega-hit phenomenon AMERICAN IDOL take the musical reality genre to a whole new level when they embark on a quest to find the next American band sensation that will take the nation by storm. THE SEARCH FOR THE NEXT GREAT AMERICAN BAND (working title) will scour the country, seeking musical groups of all ages, styles and genres, with hundreds of bands auditioning for a shot at stardom.

After the auditions, judges will narrow down hopefuls from all walks of musical life – young and old, family and friends, garage bands and weekend warriors – to 10 semi-finalists who will perform in front of a live studio audience. Viewers will then get a chance to vote for their favorite bands via telephone and text messaging and determine who stays in the competition.

Each week, the bands will be challenged with varied musical themes, jazzing up each of the performance shows as their skills in a wide spectrum of musical styles are put to the test along with their personal and professional relationships.

Finally, in a not-to-be-missed showdown, the final three bands will compete to secure a recording contract. If you think AMERICAN IDOL is intense, wait until you see what a band must go through for its shot at fame.

Information on where to send videos/dvds and all other details can be found by visiting

Seems like a weird idea, especially the notion of having the bands ''challenged with various musical themes.'' Where you can make the argument that a great pop singer should be able to perform in different genres, bands more often can be defined by niche. (Yes, there are exceptions. That doesn't make my sweeping generalization invalid.) So why would a rock band be required to demonstrate its jazz chops?

Still, I can imagine plenty of bands, including some that hate "American Idol," signing up for the show just to take advantage of the TV time.

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