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One More Hunka Monday Blog: "Grey's Anatomy," "Private Practice"

By admin Published: October 27, 2008


An homage to Chandra Wilson, and some weariness over "Private Practice," after the jump. ...

I may be getting to the point of giving up on "Private Practice." Still a likable cast, but I found my attention wandering during Wednesday's episode. In fact, it wandered two different times that I tried to watch it, and the second time found me just giving up. I just didn't think there was anything to make me believe there would be an improvement as the episode went along. I may try it once more, but considering how much other stuff I am watching and doing (two movie previews this week), "Private Practice" is a bubble show at best.

"Grey's Anatomy," though, still works. One big reason last week was Chandra Wilson, who was not only funny and appealing, she carried the moral weight of the show. Good to see her out of her whining phase, too.

On the other hand, the Hahn-Callie story continues to irk me. I just don't buy Callie's attitude to date, or her going to Sloan for help.

But the show is very ambitious structurally, and can pull it off. Last week's episode, for example, interlocked several stories about the getting and giving of credit: Meredith and Derek's contretemps over the study, Lexie wanting acknowledgment from George for her support of him (which she didn't get), the kidney-donor subplots.

It was a lot to juggle, but the show did not seem labored in doing it, and I was moved by one of the kidney stories. (Although, I confess, that may just be because Carl Lumbly is a terrific actor even when wearing an oxygen mask.) I'm still watching.

On a related note, the return of Kevin McKidd can't help but boost the show. He's playing an interesting character, and a good foil/companion for Sandra Oh. And, I have it on good authority, he is hot. In fact, after his first appearance on the show, I sat behind some local college students at a soccer game -- and a major topic of conversation with the young women was the guy they called "Sergeant Bad-Ass."

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