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Oscar Blog: A Big, Scary Musical Number, Best Supporting Actor

By admin Published: February 22, 2009

Jackman does a musical number with "Top Hat," "Singin' in the Rain" -- and then Beyonce joins in on "Top Hat." They join for "You're the One That I Want." Perilously close to "Proud Mary" in concept. More songs: "Lady Marmalade," "You Can't Stop the Beat," whatever, it's a terrible number. Beyonce continues skein of singing "At Last" on shows. Zac and Vanessa offer a brief duet, and on it goes interminably, songs pasted together. Efron does not look comfortable in a top hat. Jackman says it all came from Baz Luhrmann. Eek.

And, mercifully, a break so we can recover from it.

Clips of best supporting actor winners. The five former winners: Christopher Walker, Kevin Kline, Cuba Gooding Jr., Alan Arkin, Joel Grey. No Javier Bardem. Arkin calls Philip Seymour Hoffman "Seymour Philip Hoffman." Other pairings: Grey/JoshnBrolin, Gooding/Robert Downey Jr., Walker/Michael Shannon, Kline/Heath Ledger.

Winner: Ledger. His father, mother, sister to accept. Father says this is "ever so humbling." Tears in Brad Pitt's eyes, others in audience emotional. Mother, sister also speak.

Taking a break to file for my newspaper. Back in a bit.

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