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Oscar Blog: Cinematography, Live Action Short and a Short Film with Rogen and Franco

By admin Published: February 22, 2009

Ben Stiller, in full Joaquin Phoenix beard, with Natalie Portman. Stiller keeps the Phoenix gag going. "I just want to retire from being the funny guy," he says. Mild giggles, but too drawn out. Some audience laughs while Stiller is off camera, then in the shot, wandering over to look at clips on the big screen and other parts of the set. "Tropic Thunder" was much funnier, Ben.

Cinematography winner: "Slumdog Millionaire." Anthony Dod Mantle, with what looks like Princess Leia hair gotten loose. Thanks include the academy, wife, ma and pa, brother, sister, Danny Boyle and thousands of people.

Jessica Biel, wrapped in a curtain, gives the technical awards winners their brief moment.

Comedy showcased in short Judd Apatow film with James Franco and Seth Rogen, and jokes about "The Love Guru," "Step Brothers"; laughing at "The Reader"; "Tropic Thunder," "Mamma Mia" -- with a great song by Rogen/Franco; more laughing at "Doubt"; good reaction to Franco kissing scenes in "Milk"; staple-gun bit in "The Wrestler" (you really don't want to see the whole movie sequence) and a special appearance by Janusz Kaminski, Oscar-winning cinematographer.

Best live-action short: "Spielzeugland (Toyland)."

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