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Oscar Blogging Begins

By admin Published: February 27, 2011

As in previous years, I will post notes here, broken up along time or category lines. In addition, I will be doing some tweeting. There will be overlap.

I now know that Rico Rodriguez is a good actor (with help from great scripts). Since Rico at the Oscars is a lot less interesting than Manny on "Modern Family."

Annette Bening w/Warren, who never looks comfortable at these things. Or, now that I think of it, anything. Robin Roberts, meanwhile, is not only fawning over Bening but name-dropping other fawners, and asking Warren to fawn, too.

Tim Gunn w/Anne Hathaway and Valentino. Guess who got more questions at the start. OK, after the break, Tim talks to Anne. She is so honored to be there.

Mark Wahlberg talks about how he likes being behind the scenes. Says this on the red carpet on Oscar night.

I love the idea of Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth texting each other.

Looks as if we're done with one part of the pre-show, and ready for . . . another part of the pre-show.

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