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Oscar Countdown continued

By RD Heldenfels Published: March 5, 2006

Felicity Huffman chats. Which, of course, gives ABC an excuse to show off other actresses from ''Desperate Housewives.'' Felicity gets teary at the sight, tells ABC flack that ''you ruined my makeup.'' Fair enough. This show is ruining my evening.

The clip from ''Good Night, and Good Luck'' is messed up. David Strathairn is terse, opening up for a question about the smoking he has to do in the movie. I've been a Strathairn fan going back to his years in the John Sayles repetory company.

Wow, Jake Gyllenhaal is noting that redundant questions lead to stock answers! No doubt he has stocked up for the night.

ABC is devoting a lot of promo time to ''Miracle Workers.''

Ah, more honesty: Rachel Weisz admits that she has no answer to a question about what advice her obstetrician gave her. (She's pregnant.) Then says, ''I was about to make something up.''

Fashion overview -- only the few gowns involved are ones that we saw earlier in the preshow.

Eric Bana, asked what he hopes to see: ''I hope to see a lot of blood spilled.'' If they let the actors cut loose tonight, this might be fun after all.

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