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Oscar Night

By admin Published: February 25, 2007

DISASTER. Something ate almost all my first 3 hours of blogging, and now I have to file. I'll try to reconstruct some notes later.

The red carpet, currently on E!, is not so interesting to me -- although I did chuckle at Ryan Seacrest's trying to talk fashion with Rachel Weisz and noting that "there's a lot of Wang here ... a couple of Wangs so far."
And the bride is having an excellent time looking at the outfits and saying "No, no, no ..."

And Ryan Seacrest just flashed his underwear while Helen Mirren waited to be interviewed. Is this classy or what? And bless Mirren for augmenting Seacrest's movie fawning with the reminder that she did some good TV, too.

Loved Alan Arkin being Mr. Crankypants with Seacrest. (It's even better considering that he won later.)

Ryan drops Ricky Gervais's name to Kate Winslet. And mispronounces it. And is corrected by Winslet.

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