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Oscar Notes 4: Somebody's Notebook

By Rich Heldenfels Published: January 10, 2013

I found this buried deep at the end of an Oscars press release -- apparently someone's preparation for the nomination announcement, with some notes preparing for nominations that didn't happen. As written:

Trintignant would be oldest leading actor at 82 years
Riva would be oldest leading actress at 85 (Gloria Stuart is oldest over all acting noms)
Q. Wallis would be youngest nominee in leading actress at 9 years (Justin Henry is youngest over all acting noms at 8 years and most
likely Jackie Cooper is also younger at 9 years.) Honorary winners who are younger include: Shirley Temple (6), Vincent Winter (7),
Margaret O'Brien (8)
Info: Jennifer Lawrence would be the 3rd youngest 2-time actress nominee, and the 4th youngest 2-time acting nominee (Angela
Lansbury, Sal Mineo, Kate Winslet)
Nomination spans:
Maggie Smith would have nominations spanning 48 years (first nom for Othello, 1965 38th), second only to Katharine Hepburn
spanning 49 years (1932/33 6th - 1981 54th)
Alan Arkin would have nominations spanning 47 years (first nom for The Russians Are Coming, 1966 39th)
Kathryn Bigelow:
First woman to have more than one directing nomination
First woman to be nominated for directing and picture twice (only other woman to have dir & pic noms is Sofia Coppola)
Only the sixth woman to have more than one pic nom
Best Picture:
Scott Rudin has 4 pic noms in the last three years
Spielberg and Kennedy extend their best pic nom count to 8; most of any persons since the award started going to individual producers
beginning with the 1951 (24th) awards
George Clooney becomes only the second person (along with Warren Beatty) to have competitive nominations for picture, directing,
writing and acting. (n.b. Chaplin honorary 1927/28 (1st) - To Charles Chaplin, for acting, writing, directing and producing "The
Family groups:
Roman Coppola would be the 6th member of the Coppola family to be nominated (matched only by the Newmans)
Thomas Newman would bring the total noms for the Newman family to 86+, more than any other family.
John Williams:
Extends his record for most noms of any living filmmaker with 48 noms
Extends his record for most music scoring noms with 43 noms
Film Editing:
Michael Kahn would become the most nominated film editor with 8 noms
For Lang:
France extends its lead of most noms to 37.
France and/or Canada would have 5 noms in the last 10 years
Rick Baker extends his lead for most noms to 12
Sound Editing:
Richard Hymns would have the most noms with 9
Christopher Boyes:
Has the most nominations of any person over the last 10 years (2003 76th - 2012 85th) with 9+ noms
Visual Effects:
Chris Corbould multi-noms: only 4 people have 2 vis fx noms in same year: Glenn Robinson (1976), Richard Edlund (1984), Tom
Woodruff (1992), John Frazier (2007). No one has had 3 noms in same year.
John Frazier and/or Joe Letteri would have 6 noms in this category over the last 10 years (2003 76th - 2012 85th)
Les Miserables info:
Last musical nommed for best picture was Chicago (2002 75th) [there have been other music-related films after this, just not musicals
per se]
Last actress nommed from a musical was Penelope Cruz, Nine (2009 82nd)
Last actor nommed from a musical was Johnny Depp, Sweeney Todd (2007 80th)

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