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Oscar Notes. 8ish-8:30

By admin Published: March 7, 2010

Barbara Walters promises that even though she is done with Oscar specials, she is not going away. Drat. But a nice closing clip with Sandra Bullock kvetching about the champagne being used for an on-camera toast.

Continued after the jump...

ABC says the Oscar red carpet has existed for "eight generations." Proving no one there knows what a generation is.

Sherri Shepherd with George Clooney. Or with a camera, since that's what she talks to first. Clooney achieves coolness even under these circumstances, can make fun of Shepherd and not seem mean. Or too mean. And as wooden as Sherri was at the beginning, she loosens up when bantering with Clooney. Nothing would relax Kathy Ireland.

The 12 minutes of ABC so far feels much longer than the previous 90 on E!

Looking at best-pic noms from last time there were 10, there seems to have been even more padding than this year. Explains why they went to 5.

Tina Fey, having plugged "Date Night" solo on E!, now plugs on ABC, but with Steve Carell. Then Miley Cyrus, whom we have also already seen on E! And Jeff Bridges, ditto.

Has there come a point where stars bring different outfits to wear on E! and ABC?

Bridges is so "The Dude" on ABC.

And here endeth my pre-show notes.

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