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Oscar Telecast, Part 3

By admin Published: February 24, 2008

Back to the show. Stewart jokes about Bardem's Spanish. Intros a montage we might have seen if the writers strike continued ...

"Oscar's salute to binoculars and periscopes." Kind of funny. Then "Bad dreams: An Oscar Salute." "Wow, that really would have been a waste of your time."

Keri Russell. (The bride approves of her dress.) Introduces the next song, from "August Rush," a movie with ... Keri Russell. Big treatment, including choir. But kind of tepid overall. I'm still cheering for "Falling Slowly."

Owen Wilson. Live-action short film. Winner: "Le Mozart des Pickpockets." Owen has a little trouble with the title. Winner says, "I don't really speak English" but he is "very 'appy." And speaks French. Oscars are a global village tonight, aren't they?

Jerry Seinfeld as his Bee Movie character, with amusing bit about his "earlier work" -- bee scenes in other movies. Animated short films. Considering the titles' challenging his pronunciation ability, Seinfeld is fortunate that the winner is "Peter & The Wolf."

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