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Oscar Watch, Part 5: "No Country" Wins Adapted Screenplay

By admin Published: February 24, 2008

Jessica Alba and more after the jump ...

Alba does the technical awards recap. Stewart notes that Alba and Blanchett are pregnant, making two pregnant women at the ceremony. "Then again, the night is still young, and Jack is here."

Josh Brolin and James McAvoy, quoting famous lines from movies. Best adapted screenplay. Brolin does what he admits is the worst Nicholson impression ever, apologizes to Nicholson (who doesn't appear to have listened), and offers to buy Jack a drink after. Winners: The Coen brothers for "No Country." Their excitement is, um, understated. Kind of the way I'd expect the Black Keys to accept an Oscar.

MPAA honcho reviews the Oscars process, with some whimsical clips of people deciding to vote. Stewart says, "I always thought it was superdelegates."

Miley Cyrus, wearing the shade of red that is a recurring dress theme tonight. Introduces another "Enchanted" song, "That's How You Know."Sung by the adorable Kristin Chenoweth! (But still, "Falling Slowly.") Most elaborate number so far. Not very interesting outside the movie, though.

Stewart revisits the pregnant-actress joke: adds Nicole Kidman, announces "the baby goes to ..." and awards it to Angelina Jolie. Then introduces Halle Berry (who is also pregnant) and Judi Dench, but they don't appear. Replaced by Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen, who will supposedly do the Berry-Dench lines. But first argue about which should get to be Berry, until it's time to announce the winner for sound editing. Winner: "The Bourne Ultimatum." Very rambling and muddle acceptance speech leading into the go-away music. Back to Jonah and Seth, doing more of the Halle-Judi bit, before the Oscar for sound mixing. Winner: "The Bourne Ultimatum." One of the winning guys is a little wobbly onstage, and doesn't get to say anything before the microphone is cut off.

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