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Oscar Watch, Part 7: Best Song Winner, "Falling Slowly," Yes!!!!

By admin Published: February 24, 2008

More stuff, after the jump, and after I finish gagging over Marion Cotillard's win ...

Stewart, decent bit about playing video game on the big Oscar screen.

Colin Farrell, to introduce another best-song nominee. From "Once," yes, it is "Falling Slowly." Performed by Hansard and Irglova, with a big string section. Haven't I mentioned that I love this song? (Movie's swell, too.) Nice performance generally, although it appears that Hansard is having trouble staying in sync with Irglova, since he keeps looking back at her.

Still love the song, but the big orchestral finish is a mistake.

Nicholson introduces clips from best-picture winners over the years.

Renee Zellweger for editing award. Winner: "The Bourne Ultimatum." Stewart: "Someone just took the lead in their Oscar pool based on a guess."

Nicole Kidman. Necklace is off center. She appears in praise of production designer Robert Boyle, who is 98 and still doing things. Taped piece with him explaining production design, "a physical interpretation of the script." Receiving honorary Oscar, helped to the lectern. Standing ovation from people who hope they might still have a career at the age of 98. Or 58. Boyle takes his time, and they don't dare put up music on him. He's living history, and shows it as he recalls the people he's worked with.

Penelope Cruz. Foreign-language film award. Winner: "The Counterfeiters" (Austria).

Patrick Dempsey of "Enchanted" to introduce the third nominated song from "Enchanted." "So Close." I didn't catch the name of the singer, but he doesn't sound good. Sounds almost as if he's shaking off a case of the flu, or is badly undermiked. Improves in the latter stages -- well, not consistently -- so maybe there is a mike issue.

John Travolta to present best-song Oscar. Winner: "Falling Slowly." I just yelled. A lot.
And see the movie. Hansard: "Make art! Make art!" Irglova gets cut off by the music.

After the break, Stewart brings Irglova back out to give her acceptance speech. Nice move.

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