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Oscars Continue: Foreign Language Film, Best Supporting Actor

By admin Published: February 27, 2011

OK, Hathaway can sing. I'd still rather see some more awards.

9:25, Franco in drag and the first Charlie Sheen joke. But the last?

A movie I know nothing about wins best foreign-language film.

Christian Bale, best supporting actor. I would have preferred Mark Ruffalo or, second choice, John Hawkes. But a lot of things this year seem preordained.

The many Australian references tonight continue with presentation by Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman.

Extended homage with music awards! Once again, Hollywood in a slowdown to get back at snarky print reporters with early deadlines.

Best original score: "Social Network." Trent Reznor, very tidy.

On one side: Twitter, texting, apps, website plugging, On the other: K Douglas, "Back to Future" and a "six degrees" reference.

Sound mixing: "Inception."

Sound editing: "Inception." Are these tech-awards consolation prizes or a harbinger of something bigger?

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