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Oscars Continued

By admin Published: March 7, 2010

Back from early filing. Overheard some tech awards being given. Now listening to James Taylor sing "In My Life" to the roll call of show biz folk who died since the last ceremony.

Finally getting a good look at Jennifer Lopez's dress. Will Billy Barty emerge from under it?

Every year they worry about the Oscars running too long and then add something like this dance number. This is not "SYTYCD," Shankman. Camera on George Clooney after the number, and he gestures as if to say, "Get on with it."

And now they're giving the visual effects Oscar. Sigh. "Avatar" wins. What drama.

"Up in the Air" clip. Sharon Jones!

Documentary feature, presented by Matt Damon. Winner: "The Cove." Fisher Stevens is an Oscar winner.

Six awards left to give out, and 25 minutes to do it if the show is going to end on time.

Tyler Perry to give editing prize. And to note that he'll probably never hear his name at the Oscars again. He might if he would make fewer movies and spend the time making them better.

Keanu Reeves introduces the "Hurt Locker" clip, right after it wins for best editing.

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