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By RD Heldenfels Published: August 6, 2006

I meant to file those ''Superhero'' notes yesterday but there were other things to do; I have added them today.

As for yesterday, the bride and I went to a wedding late in the day (congratulations again to Telli and Eric) and Target Demo, our favorite daughter is visiting. I saw a little of the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction in the afternoon and set the DVR for the whole thing for later viewing. Then, when we were home, the TV was on while chatting with TD -- end of ''Serenity,'' end of the Indians game (rowrbazzle, argybarg -- they yet again found a way to lose), then the Jack Nicholson version of ''The Shining'' on HDNet. After that, sleep, sort of. (Have I mentioned that we have three cats? And that they have an impressive collection of neuroses and eccentricities, some of which come out late at night?)

Sunday has started out in a relaxed way, though. TV viewing: ''Hudsucker Proxy'' on IFC, Indians on STO right now. I know, I know -- how much pain can one fan endure? Plenty, I say.

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