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Pain Don't Hurt

By RD Heldenfels Published: May 8, 2006

If you read the above line and immediately thought of a certain movie, then I don't have to explain to you why the following is newsworthy:

MGM Home Entertainment and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment bring Road House 2, the sequel to the action-packed film Road House, to DVD July 18 for an SRP of $24.96.  Road House 2 is an all-new sequel to the cult favorite and stars Jonathan Schaech (The Sweetest Thing, 8MM2), Jake Busey (Identity, Enemy of the State) and Will Patton (“Into the West,” Remember the Titans).  The film depicts how one man must stand up and fight to save his community from drugs and crime.  Road House 2 is directed by Scott Ziehl (Cruel Intentions 3) and produced by Yoram Pelman (Confessions of an American Girl).

I cannot vouch for the quality of ''Road House 2,'' but I am among the many who love -- for reasons past all understanding -- the original ''Road House,'' the action film starring Patrick Swayze. Besides, since I already have ''Road House'' on DVD, there is no reason for me to covet the direct-to-DVD sequel (which does not star Swayze) except for the sake of weird comparisons.

Also because The Bride might like it.

The announcement from Sony is well-timed, since the bride's birthday is on Tuesday. (It would be far better timed if the DVD was coming out tomorrow, instead of in July.) And, as I prepare to help her celebrate, the announcement reminds me of one reason -- out of many -- why we have bonded so closely. We both love big, dumb action movies.

This is a woman who, when we flew into Las Vegas, understood why the view would make me think of ''Con Air.'' Who will sit through ''Die Hard'' and its sequels -- more than once. Whose Christmas list once included a ''Lethal Weapon'' box set.

''Lethal Weapon'' has been retired from gift lists because, of course, we got it for her. When you find a woman who likes movies in the style of ''Lethal Weapon,'' let alone ''Road House,'' you not only cherish her, you try to grant her every wish. And I expect to keep doing so for as many years as she will have birthdays.

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