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Paris Hilton and Scooter Libby

By admin Published: July 3, 2007

I am sorry Scooter Libby isn't going to prison. I was looking forward to the descriptions of what he wore on the way into the pokey, as well as the televised, post-prison interview where he discussed how he passed the time by reading, and his current spiritual journey. ...

Later, I am sure he would have ended up on a panel with other celebs who have done jail time, all declaring that their sentences were excessive but that they had become better, stronger people as a result of their time behind bars.

Of course, Libby might not have been able to do the panel because he was busy cleaning up on the lecture circuit, making a book deal or swimming in Maui. (TMZ would have the photos of Libby bouncing in the waves.)

Now, of course, none of that will come to pass. The president says Libby's sentence was ''excessive'' (much the way the Friends of Paris complained about her sentence) and so has spared him from any prison time, while retaining other, minor parts of his punishment. Paris Hilton did spend some time behind bars, but with a recurring suggestion that she was getting special treatment -- the aborted switch to "house arrest" being the most glaring example.

Sure, we could argue about the degree and importance of the respective crimes of Libby and Hilton. Still, in both cases, we see American justice at its weirdest, standards bent and rules massaged on behalf of the famous and powerful. In both cases, we see that, if we just have enough money or well-connected friends, we can get away with almost anything. And if you're arguing that Hilton didn't get away with anything, shall we review once again her unconvincing claim that she doesn't do drugs?

And if you believe that, then maybe you also believe that Libby did nothing wrong.

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