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"Perfect Strangers" on DVD

By admin Published: November 14, 2007

Perfect Strangers
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People have been asking for it, and it arrives on Feb. 5. Details after the jump ...

Culture clash has never been funnier than on the classic, hit comedy Perfect Strangers, which makes its highly-anticipated debut on DVD, February 5, 2008 from Warner Home Video (WHV). Titled Perfect Strangers: The Complete First & Second Seasons, the DVD release will offer consumers the first two seasons of the three-time Emmy-nominated series. Retailing at $29.98 SRP, the set is comprised of four discs, which feature 28 fantastic episodes as well as hilarious bonus material.

Set in Chicago, Perfect Strangers focuses on the relationship of two distant cousins, whose personalities and life experiences could not be anymore different. The series begins when high-strung Larry Appleton (Mark Linn-Baker, Law & Order: Criminal Intent) opens his apartment to cousin Balki Bartokomous (Bronson Pinchot, Step-by-Step), an idealistic, naïve shepherd from the fictitious island-nation of Mypos. New to America, Balki often misunderstands the culture, which leads to some delightfully hilarious situations. Color TV, game shows, singles bars, soda pop cans and even pink lemonade are some of the modern day oddities that amaze the innocent and lovable Balki, whose signature catchphrase, “Of course not, don’t be ridiculous!” kept television audiences laughing throughout the show’s lengthy and successful run. The series also stars Melanie Wilson (Family Matters) as Jennifer Lyons, Rebecca Arthur (Grace Under Fire) as Mary Anne Spencer, Ernie Sabella (Saved by the Bell, The Lion King) as Donald Twinkacetti, and Belita Moreno (George Lopez) as Edwina Twinkacetti.

Perfect Strangers originally premiered on ABC in 1986 and became an instant hit with viewers. The show aired for eight seasons and was nominated for three Emmy Awards. Currently, it is listed as the eighth most requested unreleased show on

Aside from featuring 28 episodes, the DVD set will also include a clip montage featuring the “Dance of Joy,” a very popular recurring element of the series.

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