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Picking and Choosing (With Results From ''Idol,'' ''Race''

By RD Heldenfels Published: May 17, 2006

Here's tonight's ''Idol'' podcast with Amy Gustafson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

The following are notes I wrote before the podcast. I had hoped to add something about ''Lost'' afterward, but it has gotten late and I'm not paying as close attention to it as I would like. So I expect to post something about it tomorrow morning.

Let's see, the DVRs are handling ''Alias,'' ''Bones,''  ''Lost,'' ''Amazing Race,'' ''American Idol'' and ''CSI:NY.'' I watched the first hour of ''Amazing Race'' while going into another room (since the DVR had the main set tied up) to keep an eye on the Cavaliers-Pistons game. For the second hour, I've paced into one room where '"Race'' is going and into another room, where I'm flipping between ''Idol'' and the Cavs.

Fortunately, ''Idol'' has been mostly skippable, time filled with homecomings and performances/plugs of songs on this year's CD. (Taylor did the Doobies' ''Takin' It to the Streets,'' Katharine Aretha's ''Think'' and I missed most of Elliott during my channel-hopping, although I did see tons of tears from Paula, who is openly rooting for Elliott.)

Unfortunately, Cavs-Pistons is a tight game, and the first leg of ''Amazing Race''  was non-elimination, keeping all three teams in it. Lots to watch and make the heart pump. Cavs are up 2 with less than 28 seconds left, and ''Race'' has a killer choose-flags-of-nations challenge...

CAVS WIN IT. Holy cow. Feels more and more like the Cavs are tasting destiny...

BJ & TYLER win ''The Amazing Race,'' fighting off Eric & Jeremy in the flag challenge at the end. Pretty nice night for good guys (and, in fact, all the remaining three were good guys) although I am sure some sourpusses will complain about tonight's Japan competitions since one of the Hippies speaks Japanese.

Elliott also seemed like a nice guy, but he's done on ''American Idol.'' Show says the vote was really close (even closer than estimated by ), with less than five-tenths of a percentage point separating first from third. My guess is that Taylor was first and Katharine second, but they didn't say that officially on the show. But, if first is 33.68 percent and second is 33.26 percent, it's still anybody's game. And I'll have to think some about who is more likely to get Elliott's votes.

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