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Please End the Strike! Part 2: "Grey's Anatomy"

By admin Published: January 10, 2008

One of the advantages of shows going into summer reruns, or even long hiatuses, is that it is easy to remember the things you like about a show while either forgetting or forgiving the worst flaws and the irritating little tics.

Which brings me to "Grey's Anatomy" tonight. ...

All right, so there were some irritants. The whole McDreamy-Meredith on-off thing went way, way past Sam-and-Diane/Ross-and-Rachel overkill a long time ago. And Izzie is still poison, Karev's belief not being unbiased, although I might be willing to concede that that's mostly my issue.

Or not.

Anyway, the overall thread of what people believe in worked very nicely. And I am enough of a sap to get caught up in the Bailey's-baby drama even as I know that I am being completely manipulated.

But how can anyone not be impressed by an episode with the performances of Glenne Headly (as the faith-healing patient), Debra Monk (George's mother) and Sandra Oh (Cristina) in the operating-room scene. Again, I know it was deliberate manipulation, but Oh's playing the hand-holding offer in such a simple, direct way was not only touching, it still let us suspect that Cristina was just offering a quick solution to an OR problem. And that suspicion made her willingness to keep holding the hand just that much better.

Headly and Monk, meanwhile, are a couple of those great go-to actresses, and they had plenty to work with tonight. So I'd be happy to see lots more "Grey's" right now.

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