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Post-Inaugural Reaction

By admin Published: January 20, 2009

Is it a new day or the same old partisanship that Obama decried in his speech?

On Fox News, commentator Peter Robinson praises the speech as an event and calls Obama "a very formidable figure," a man of energy and intelligence. But he says the speech as text did not contain any phrases that will ring through history -- and that Obama is still "fundamentally liberal," since he talked about global warming.

At ABC, George Stephanopoulos praises Obama for "forthrightly addressing the problems the country faced."

On NBC, Andrea Mitchell -- who has trouble at first hearing that Williams wants her comments -- calls it "an extraordinary speech ... (that) reached out to the world, reached out to America."

It's now about 1 p.m. and Obama has done his first official act as president -- signing paperwork -- with television cameras recording it. On Fox, Shep Smith points out that Obama is left-handed, and that four of the last 10 presidents have been left-handed.

We're in a lull of sorts, since the big ceremony is over, there's a special luncheon starting and the parade isn't until later.

Check that. We're not in a lull. In terms of the big historical moment, we have had it. Barring some disastrous surprise, the rest is so much celebration, and the coverage is conversation.

Former President Bush is seen headed for farewell remarks to his supporters, but it's not being allowed on TV.

The "West Wing" marathon on Bravo is up to when Matt Santos is president-elect, and the memorial for Leo. Would have liked to have seen the show keep going into a Santos administration -- but without John Spencer? Would have been hard to watch. Even after all this time, that hurts.

President Obama at the luncheon. He knows how to work a room.

Fox Broadcasting has wrapped; Channel 8 into local news.

Most of the news nets are carrying the luncheon, but CNN is interviewing Colin Powell instead. After the luncheon prayer, the other nets go to other coverage, too.

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