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Prize Parade

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 6, 2005

You may have noticed the story in today's Beacon Journal about staffers winning some journalism awards, myself among them. My wife didn't know about the awards. Neither did I. So it was a nice surprise. And nice surprises usually lead to my Happy Dance. (This is better left undescribed.) Not this time, though.   

''Aren't you excited?'' asked my wife, who was indeed excited for me. ''Well, yeah,'' I said.

Here's the thing. Although I have won some awards along the way, there have been plenty of competitions where I did not win. And, as a TV guy, I spend a certain amount of time checking on awards for television, or watching awards shows. As I said in a recent Beacon Journal column, TV can't go for long without handing a prize to someone. There is also one awards competition I vote in, the Television Critics Association awards. (You can find the most recent nominations and my picks here: TCA Awards .)

Since I have often disagreed with the winners of various awards, I have come to believe that all awards are flawed.  It's not unlike the way people view politics, or TV news, or reality show winners. If you agree with what's being said, then the speaker must be right -- fair and balanced, even. If you don't agree, then obviously the process has been overtaken by bias and an utter lack of reason.    But the process is pretty much the same regardless of how a given conclusion is reached.

So, if  I think an awards system is flawed (because I haven't won), then I can't suddenly assume that it has gotten better because I did win. Maybe my clips were better. Maybe my work was actually better. Maybe it's the luck of the draw, but this time the draw went my way.                                  

Doesn't matter in the end. Hey, I won an award. Everyone on the floor for the Happy Dance!         

I'm still not describing it.

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