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Proposals: "Friday Night Lights," "Grey's Anatomy"

By admin Published: January 29, 2007

Caught up with a couple of things, and wedding bells were ringing in both of them. "Grey's Anatomy" even offered two proposals (neither answered yet) as part of an episode that seemed at least partly designed to tidy up some storylines. Not did it stabilize the McDreamy-Meredith relationship (and with some nice talk about what a relationship is), the clinic seemed a way to settle what Izzie does with her money and -- although it hasn't been explicit -- what the Chief will do after he retires. Sure, the failure of his marriage suggests that he may un-retire. But the Chief can remain part of the cast if he's running the clinic, too, and that leaves open the battle to succeed him.

And what of those two proposals? Beats me. And it may beat the writers, too, if the rumors about T.R. Knight wanting out of the show are true.

As for "Friday Night Lights," it continues to make the argument that it's one of the best dramas on TV right now. Not best new. Best, period. In last week's episode, I liked the way we were reminded -- more than once-- that the coach both carries his share of insecurities and is a hard-head. I also liked the way the show didn't feel the need to have the coach offer his QB an explanation of game strategy. (Something like, "The play was a good idea, but it was probably going to work only once, so we had to save it as a surprise when we needed it most. ...") Of course, this show doesn't feel the need to have any explain motivations or ideas; we'll figure it out as we see what they do, pretty much the way we have to do with people in everyday life. At the same time, though, when words matter to them, they have pretty great words -- look at Smash and his family, or the coach and Smash in the diner.

I have no idea where that show's marriage proposal will lead, except that it could be wrapped in trouble. But so could the ones on "Grey's" -- or on any show that begins making wedding plans as the turmoil of ratings sweeps looms.

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