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Public Len-Emy Number One

By admin Published: November 3, 2008


I was going to wait until later to post some comments tonight, but I have to say (again) what an irascible, inflexible old fuddy-duddy is. And that his dislike of Lance Bass transcends all reason. Yes, Brooke Burke was very good tonight (though I would put her short of a 10). But Lance did far better than Len's stuffy 7 indicated. And I don't think that Lance is at fault here; I can't help but think that Len dislikes Lacey's connections to the more modern-leaning "So You Think You Can Dance," and he is going to fight any incursion from the Fox show into his territory.

As for his and the other judges' praise for Lance and Lacey during the team dance, that doesn't help when L&L are stuck with the score for the team (which included the painfully unimpressive, and underrehearsed Susan Lucci, who should go home soon); it didn't look great and then looked even worse after the other team blew the doors off.

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