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"Questioning Darwin" includes Akron-area questioners (updated)

By Rich Heldenfels Published: February 14, 2014

There are stories that come slowly, and one of them is about "Questioning Darwin," a documentary currently airing on HBO. Upcoming telecasts include 11 a.m. Sunday on HBO East (and 2 p.m. on HBO West), with still more in the following days.

The documentary about Charles Darwin, how he came to his ideas on evolution, and people who disagree with those ideas draws on people, including academics and clergy, to look at the issues.  Those who favor  the Biblical account of creation over Darwin's include staff members from Hudson-based at Christ Community Chapel.

Among them are Joe Coffey, the lead pastor; Tim Schofield, executive pastor of ministry teams; Lynn Mosher , the women's director, and another pastor,  Marshall Brandon. The program also includes scenes of activities at the chapel, starting with a Children's Ministry class.

In addition, the film has an interview with Rose Rose, who handles community and public relations at Haven of Rest, as well as showing scenes from a service and a meal at the local homeless-helping operation.

And there is at least one local person, Angel Dague, interviewed in the program.

I plan to say more about this later, but am hoping to get some additional interviews before I write about this at greater length, to see how the people around here became a part of the film. UPDATE: I have talked to the film's director, and to Joe Coffey, and expect to have a story in Tuesday's Beacon Journal.

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