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By admin Published: June 30, 2009

So Ed quits "The Bachelorette" to save his job, then decides that he needs love more, so he tries to un-quit, and Jillian (and the show's producers) let him. Speidi announce -- more than once -- they are leaving "I'm a Celebrity" and somehow they keep coming back.  Terrell Owens and Joanna Krupa get eliminated from "The Superstars" -- but they're back in the promos for tonight's telecast.

Used to be that when, say, a contestant quit "Survivor," that was it. No going back. Chance to win gone. But these days, shows will do anything to jack the ratings, including having performers play peek-a-boo with the audience.

"I'm a Celebrity" was the most blatant case, with NBC so convinced that Speidi were the key to getting young viewers, they let the duo come and go more often than a kid with a stack of stolen hall passes. Similarly, from what little I managed to sit through of "The Superstars," the show was a giant snorefest -- lots of huffing and puffing along streets and on bicycles. But I missed the Krupa/T.O. scrap which was apparently the only thing anyone remembered from the first episode -- and therefore sufficient motivation for ABC to use them for additional publicity.

But "The Bachelorette" has proven especially desperate for compelling storylines  since the idea of mere courtship is somehow inadequate.  It has been  more than willing to make Jillian look like a total dope re Wes, even in the face of repeated accusations against him by other bachelors and his own wooden, insincere declarations. It alllowed the Jake-Wes confrontation, and then let Ed ask to return -- which Jillian went along with. What, did the job situation which supposedly forced him to leave suddenly improve? Does he think he's in line to be the next star of "The Bachelor"? (It seems to me more likely that the show is lining up Jake for that job.)

It's all manipulation, of course, but I get drawn into it. (Also, the bride watches "The Bachelorette.") Am still waiting as well for the "Bachelorette's" heavily-hinted-at moment of impotence for one of the guys. Cue up "Band of Gold." ...

But I also try not to be blind to rampaging hypocrisy, in these show's playing around and in things like the latest round of Jon & Kate melodrama.

Like this recent statement from the couple: "During this very difficult time we will be working to focus solely on the needs of our family. This includes no longer commenting publicly or reacting to media stories and speculation. Our goal is to do the very best for our children and that will be done as privately as possible. We appreciate the understanding, support and well wishes from so many."

And where was all this concern when Kate was giving a cover-story interview to People magazine -- complete with a visit with her and the children? Where does that fit under "privately as possible"?

Should we all start wondering when Kate will star on "The Bachelorette"?

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