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"Reaper": I Got a Girlfriend That's Better Than That

By admin Published: November 28, 2007

Could you scare me just a little like you would on "The O.C."?

Pretty good episode Tuesday, but I have some thoughts about the casting ...

Now that the natural order has been restored to the universe (that is, Marie Osmond did not win "Dancing With the Stars"), I have moved on to other Tuesday fare, including "Reaper."

Plenty of good things in the episode. I liked learning more about Ben's life and family, and especially his grandmother's supposed gift, although I wanted to know more about how he ended up at the Work Bench instead of becoming a priest. (Maybe he really is doing God's work?) I wondered about some other details, too, including why he didn't demand that Sam and Sock at least find ties when they came to the party. (It was, after all, a dressy occasion.) But overall it was a good way to flesh out the show.

Also liked seeing Sock charming people, not only Mimi but the carpet customers. It's a reminder that, like Sam, like Ben, he isn't a pure loser, he's just made some choices that put him in Loserville.

On the other hand, the whole Andi thing still just bores me. Not that I think that dating the Devil's daughter is going to qualify as Sam moving on, but at least it gets us away from Mope Town (which is down the road from Loserville and has its own Work Bench.)

Which gets us into what could have been the most interesting storyline of the night, but which fell a little short. That's Mimi and the Devil (or Jerry). When I saw that Melinda Clarke was playing Mimi, I thought this could be more than a little fun. Considering her "O.C." style, Clarke seemed like an excellent match for Satan.

And then she wasn't. She was a nice person, and one completely oblivious to the Devil.

Or was she? Here is where I look at the casting and give the show more credit than it might deserve. Mimi knows more about Jerry than his commitment issues; she made a passing reference to his temper. So what if she really is just another tool of the Devil, who is playing with Sam's head by making her seem nice, so Sam will be drawn to the daughter?

There are possibilities, though when I think even more about "Ashes to Ashes," the more I try to remember that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And this was probably just an episode. But I would be delighted to be proven wrong.

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