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"Reaper": Send in the Stripper Clowns

By admin Published: May 6, 2009

I loved the moment when Sock and Ben exulted over the idea of stripper clowns -- and offer another perspective on that topic here. ...

Overall, it was good tidying-up episode, since it got Morgan at least somewhat out of the picture and freed Andi from being the Work Bench boss. Even better, while doing those things, it moved the story forward -- into the whole matter of Steventology (and nice to see Steven back), the idea of redemption and the reminder that the anti-Devil conspiracy is still alive. Also, there was good pushing of the notion that Sam still has not become completely evil, but that the Devil is trying to nudge him into True Spawn Of Satan territory.

I have also come to really enjoy the Ben-Nina relationship; Jenny Wade does such a good job as Nina, and it was both surprising and understandable that she was in the demon conspiracy.

But my favorite moments remain the little flourishes, like Ben and Sock planning the bachelor party, or just about anything Ray Wise does.

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