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"Reaper": "The Favorite"

By admin Published: March 25, 2009

I was dragging when I watched "Reaper" last night and it still held my interest. Interesting casting of the Devil's other son. Armie Hammer, according to IMDB, is the great-grandson of the legendary Armand Hammer and spent his formative years in the Cayman Islands. There have also been reports that he'll play Bruce Wayne in the "Justice League: Mortal" movie. So he obviously knows how to play privileged, and it worked on "Reaper." Who, after all, would be more privileged than the spoiled son of the Devil?

That said, I am getting a little tired of Bret Harrison's having to play exasperated. While he is given plenty of reason, including in last night's show, Sam risks becoming one-note and not especially likable. That's even more noticeable when Rick Gonzalez has been getting a lot of good notes as Ben, especially with the demon-girlfriend story; last night's focus on the sex issue worked nicely -- loved the stuff with Ben and Gladys -- and had a strong payoff.

Now could we just assume that Ted is working at the store and never see him again? Not an interesting character, and I was pleased when he was fired and Andi took over the store. Nor did last night's Sock/Ted detente add up to much.

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