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"Rescue Me"

By admin Published: July 10, 2007

Over the weekend I went through a review copy of the new two episodes of "Rescue Me" and couldn't help thinking that they vindicate Jack McGee ... (Possible spoilers after the jump)

As you know, McGee played Jerry on the show, and was outspokenly critical, especially of star Denis Leary, after he was killed off in last week's episode.

Considering how important Jerry was to the show, it will probably surprise some that he gets such a terse sendoff. Oh, there is one good speech from Lou about why Jerry killed himself, but beyond that, not much. The death of Mike's mom has more emotional resonance on the show than the death of Jerry. So I think Leary was glad to be rid of McGee and to move on.

Still, there's already been talk building that the show is having an off season, and these two episodes are where I can really see it. Not that the show is falling apart as much as it's replaying old notes and marking time.

Sean and Maggie, once a funny couple, now seem to be an exercise in redundancy. Sheila is tiresomely nutty. And the show seems to be acknowledging that it's worn out, whether by Tommy's struggle with impotence or in a scene where he and Janet describe everything they have gone through during the show's run. (Most annoying in it: Tommy's fingers-in-quotation-marks reference to "the rape." That's a jab at critics, myself among them, but out of context on the show, where neither Tommy nor Janet would have described the incident that way.)

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