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"Rescue Me" and Me

By admin Published: June 13, 2007

Tommy Gavin and his guys are in a state of confusion. I know the feeling ...

Tommy first: I've seen the first three episodes of the new season of "Rescue Me," which starts tonight, and I expect to be back for more, but I'm still kind of on the fence about it.

That reflects some confusion within the show itself. Oh, it has plenty going on, and it has put Tommy in a very difficult spot regarding the fire that ended last season. There's a lot of funny business, and a painfully dramatic moment a few episodes in.

But it didn't feel as sure-handed as it usually does, more like a bunch of things tossed together without any clear idea of where it will all lead. And I still remain on edge about what I still consider the rape episode last season, because I think the show has shrugged it off, and the event deserved more serious treatment than that.

I've been meaning to watch and write about some other things. Only got through the first episode of
"John from Cincinnati," for one thing -- although it may be sufficient judgment that I didn't charge immediately through the second. And I've been carrying around the Newsweek article about "beta males" because it fits with some of what I've been seeing in pilots for the fall, including "Reaper," which you should put on your viewing calendar now, and not only because Akron's Ray Wise is a superb Devil in it.

I've seen some other pilots, too, and have a few notions. For example: How many times did the makers of the new "Bionic Woman" watch "Blade Runner," and did they think Rutger Hauer's stealing the movie from Harrison Ford meant that Katee Sackhoff should do likewise to the supposed star of "Bionic Woman"?

But I've found myself dragging too much lately. And I've had some different demands on my time -- metro shifts on Saturday and on Monday night -- as well as attempts to get ready for vacation. Still, I get twitchy when I don't write on a break, so you can expect fresh posts from me even if I'm sunburnt while writing them.

Anyway, that's a long explanation for the gaps here, and for the terseness of my "Rescue Me" notes. Watch tonight, and let's argue.

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