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"Rescue Me" (With One Spoiler)

By admin Published: August 9, 2007

Had it not been for that scene with Susan Sarandon, I would probably be done with these guys ...

but first, let's talk spoiler. No sane person really thought Gavin would drop the baby in the river, so it was no surprise that he didn't. And by the time I watched the episode, it was no surprise that he gave the baby to Sheila SINCE MY ONSCREEN PROGRAM GUIDE INCLUDED THAT INFORMATION. Talk about buzzkill.

But "Rescue Me" didn't do much with that. Or with Tommy's latest mental meltdown, where even the screams in the fire sounded off-kilter, as if the actors just didn't put anything other than volume into them. Or with the latest demonstration of Tommy Gavin as Mr. Irresistible, this time courtesy of Gina Gershon. And could Amy Sedaris have been any nuttier? Well, maybe if they put her in a tin-foil helmet.

But, just when the show has worn me out, you get a decent laugh from Sean's view of intervention with Maggie. Or, more impressively, that scene with Daniel Sunjata and Susan Sarandon. A scene where someone actually acted sensibly, and persuaded someone else to do likewise.

This being "Rescue Me," of course, rational behavior will probably have bad consequences (or so it looked in the promo for next week). And I have to wonder if Sarandon had some input into the scene, given that it was so out of keeping with the conduct of the way women have generally been written in "Rescue Me" of late.

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