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Road Trip

By RD Heldenfels Published: May 21, 2006

We're just back from a visit to family yesterday and today. It was not free of television, especially since we were among sports fans and in the Pittsburgh area, so some time was devoted to the Indians-Pirates game yesterday and today. But Saturday's outcome was not great, and today we hit the road just as the Indians tied Sunday's game, after watching some of their frustrating defensive butchery.

Listened to a little more of Indians-Pirates on XM Radio -- which enabled us to hear Tom Hamilton calling the game even when we were far away -- but soon enough switched over to XM's carriage of ESPN Radio for the Cavs-Pistons game. Which did not go as I had hoped.

Would have liked the Cavs to win, of course. But if they had to lose, I wanted it to be in a noble fight -- down to the wire the way other playoff games have been, with one last chance for heroics just before time expired. Oh, well. Such drama, particularly with a winning outcome, would have made a great movie -- ''Hoosiers,'' for one, comes to mind -- but life repeatedly declines to be like a movie.

I will be back in the world of screen fiction soon enough. But I've enjoyed the recent reality of being with family, chatting and joking, and eating very well.

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