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Road Trip

By admin Published: July 22, 2008

I am now in Virginia, visiting my mother and helping her out with some things as she mends from hip replacement surgery. She is doing quite well, but it will be good to be around so she has plenty of time and assistance as she recovers.

Air travel today wasn't too bad. Packed planes but some leg room, at least on the first flight of the day. Second flight: Next to a tall man playing solitaire on his laptop. Not conducive to elbow or leg room. But on the first flight, had a nice chat with a former Canton resident now living in Las Vegas. (An aside on what it takes to get a reasonably priced plane ticket: I flew from Akron to Atlanta to Newport News, not exactly a direct route; she went from Akron to Atlanta to Las Vegas, even more indirect. As I said, this is how you keep a price under control.)

One thought from today: To what degree has airport security increased the market for slip-on shoes? Lots of flip-flops on view, of course, since they seem to be the default footwear for young women, but also sandals, loafers, backless shoes -- anything to save a little effort when it's time to remove your shoes in the security line.

On the viewing side, caught Monday's "The Closer" and "Saving Grace" before departing. OK "Closer," and the stuff between Jenny O'Hara and Wendy Phillips -- two reliable pros -- was especially amusing. Didn't hold much back in the fight scene, did they? And I wondered how closely "Closer" and "Saving Grace" look at each other's storylines, since both episodes involved detectives who had history with people in their investigations. Very good "Saving Grace," too, particularly in the way it wove in the Oklahoma City bombing, which is more than just a backdrop for the show. Loved Grace's offhand reference to still paying off the favor of getting into McVeigh's execution.

Even though I am on the road, I expect to check in here with some thoughts -- and I brought along some DVDs that may prove of interest. Now if someone could just put a stop to the heat...

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