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Rock Life/Hair Issue

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 17, 2006

Earlier tonight, I was standing in the mansion from ''Rock Star: Supernova,'' listening to Magni play guitar while Dilana sang ''Lightning Crashes'' and then ''Lithium.'' I should not have to offer any further explanation of how cool my evening was.

But I will: Throw in Magni and Storm singing a Monty Python song, the title of which I am too proper to use here. (One word in it is ''face,'' OK?)

And that all this came after I had been to the set of ''Rock Star,'' where I not only made a hometown connection -- to Nate Morton, drummer in the House Band -- and got to stand on the stage, but I also heard some very serious vocals (Dilana, Cranberries' ''Zombie,'' 'nuff said) as well as Tommy Lee's trying to, uh, charm every female singer in the competition.

The taping of the show, which will air Tuesday, is even better than what you see on the air; it goes significantly longer, with the telecast cutting a lot of the judges' comments, even though the talk between the judges and contestants is really interesting -- and much more of a dialogue than it looks like on TV.

I'll try to post more later,  including some comments from Dilana after the show, but only after some sleep. Still, here's tonight's song list: Patrice, ''Helter Skelter''; Josh, ''Come As You Are''; Storm, ''Just What I Needed''; Lukas, ''Let's Spend the Night Together''; Jill, ''All Right Now''; Ryan, ''Fortunate Son''; Phil, ''White Rabbit''; Dana, ''It's My Life''; Toby, ''Runaway Train''; Magni, ''Plush''; Zayra, ''Everybody Hurts''; Jenny, ''Drive,'' and Dilana's ''Zombie'' closing the show.

And, for those of you trying to figure out which singer will best fit with Supernova's sound, here's Tommy's description of what the band does: ''It's very retro-sounding but with new sounds .. Like T-Rex, Bowie, '70s ...  like handclaps, party music, like -- music is so hard to explain but it's like retro-sounding and feeling.''

The band plans to give the singers a Supernova track tomorrow or the next day and ''they'll all get a chance to do their own interpretation of that track,'' Tommy said. ''I'm really, really looking forward to that, because at the end of the day that's what's important. ...  'Whatever' with the cover songs, 'cause that's not what we're looking for.''

OK, one more thing before I go: Earlier today we had a press conference with folks from ''CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,'' including some answers about Grissom/Sara (the other characters do not know about the relationship, for one thing) and about the new time-slot competition from ''Grey's Anatomy.'' (Marg Helgenberger says the move is ''was the biggest motivator wwe could have had.We don't want to relinquish the throne.'')

As the press conference was winding down, I asked something that many of you have asked me about.

Like tis: ''Mr. Eads, among the 25 million or so people who watch the show, quite a few are concerned about Nick's hair. I hear it's too short, it's too long, why does he keep changing it? Could you explain for them what's the deal?''

''No, I cannot,'' Eads said.''I think I'm not going to mess around with it as much. I've really realized how much the fans get perturbed by it.''

So what's he going to stay with? ''I don't know yet,'' he said. (At the press conference, it was very short.)

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