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''Rock Star'': Back to Watching

By RD Heldenfels Published: August 1, 2006

Because of work commitments, I haven't seen an installment of ''Rock Star'' for a couple of weeks. So it was a pleasure tonight to get back to the show, although I was doing some work again and saw it somewhat piecemeal on first airing before sitting down at the DVR to review what I had missed.

I remain firmly in the Dilana faction (see ''Notes from the Dilana Fan Club...'' post on July 17). She's got style, she's got pipes and she works the audience. Tonight's performance of ''Can't Get Enough of Your Love'' wasn't as stunning as her ''Zombie'' but it was still top shelf.

But I'm getting ahead. In order of performances on the telecast:

-- Patrice (''Higher Ground'') had Tommy playing drums with her, and the camera work was as much about him as it was about her. This may not be a bad thing, though, since her stage presence was a lot better than her singing. Grade: C.

-- Josh (''Santeria'') has bored the daylights out of me before, and he did it again tonight. Grade: Zzzz.

-- Dilana (''Can't Get Enough'') is one of the biggest reasons I tune in, and this was worth watching twice. B plus.

-- Toby (''Pennyroyal Tea'') sent me to the fast-forward button almost as quickly as Josh. Another Zzzz.

-- Zayra (''867-3509/Jenny'') did not merely give a horrible performance. She gave a transcendently horrible performance. For that reason, I'd keep her around instead of some of the more pedestrian performers. Grade: F for vocals, A for hilarity. (And I'd like to hear the great Val Haynes do that arrangement for real.)

-- Magni (''Clocks'') is better than I remember him, but still a C-plus kind of guy.

-- Jill (''Don't You Forget About Me'') is a C. Tries hard, but nothing extraordinary.

-- Ryan (''Losing My Religion'') went for intensity, a different spin on a familiar song, but I ended feeling as if I had been dragged through sludge. Sometimes a song is perfect in its original form. C minus.

-- Lukas (''Celebrity Skin'') has coasted on style the couple of times I have seen him, without much vocal skill to back it. Same thing tonight. D.

-- Storm (''Changes'') went wobbly in the middle of the song. But she's still a force on this show -- and I believed that before I googled. B minus.

-- Dana (''Baba O'Riley'') closed the show. I don't know why. Must have been her turn in the rotation. C minus.

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