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''Rock Star'': Boys' Night In

By RD Heldenfels Published: September 6, 2006

Soon enough, Storm Large will put out a CD, and it will have ''What the .. '' on it, and I will very happily buy it. And, at some point in the future, Supernova will put out a CD, with its new lead singer, and I won't care much.

The night after we saw Storm tear the roof off of her original song and ''Suffragette City,'' voting viewers put her in the bottom three and the three guys from Supernova sent her packing.

That leaves a final four of Magni, Toby, Lukas and Dilana. Magni and Toby avoided bottom-three-dwelling, while Lukas and Dilana had to sing for their salvation.

Oh, yeah, the singing. Magni got to perform with Supernova, on a new track called ''It's All Love'' that I can barely remember less than an hour after hearing it. Toby got the encore and performed his original, ''Throw It Away,'' from last night's show.

In the bottom three performances, Storm went with ''Wish You Were Here,'' complete with tears and a dedication to her mother. Odd change of pace given how much she had rocked on last night's telecast. But it felt as if she knew this was her last night regardless of how well she did, so she went for something personal.

Dilana followed with ''I Want You To Want Me,'' in a weirdly comic rendition that also suggested she saw the road home -- and wanted to have some final fun before hitting it. Not even Lukas entirely attempted to beat fate; he dredged out ''Headspin,'' his original from last night's show, to lay more groundwork for a post-''Rock Star'' career.

But after all that, the guys dropped the most formidable singer of the night before, and stayed with a group where no one seems terribly likely to overshadow them. Toby and Magni have both dared to be uninteresting in service of their larger goal, Lukas has rarely managed to be interesting once you get past the surface.

Dilana's once formidable presence has been diminished by a deliberate humbling from the show's producers and editor. The old Dilana with Supernova would be challenging, daring -- and possibly more dramatic onstage than the band itself, certainly outspoken offstage. But, once again, we're seeing that the band wants no challenges from an outsider. None too subtly, Dilana has been told that survival depends on knowing her place.

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