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''Rock Star'' Finale

By RD Heldenfels Published: September 13, 2006

When I finally got around to last night's telecast, it was pretty much a snore -- except for Dilana, and even she has obviously softened up her look -- more girly to win favor with the fans and the guys. But mostly I tried to think of a good new name for Supernova, and even that wasn't very inspiring.

Anyway, my ranking last night was Dilana, Magni, Toby and Lukas. Shows what I know. Toby and Magni were in the bottom two tonight; Toby kept in touch with his inner Billy Idol by singing ''White Wedding,'' Magni did Hendrix's ''Fire'' -- and Magni got sent home. Of the pair, that's understandable (although I would have dumped Lukas before either); Magni's the better musician but Toby is the party-boy singer who can front these guys.

Then on to the final three performances. Lukas does the Verve's ''Bittersweet Symphony'' and it's good by his standards. Dilana follows with ''Zombie,'' which she did so well when I saw her live; this performance isn't as good as that one, but it's still strong. Toby dips into the Killers catalog for ''Somebody Told Me.'' Since the Killers are becoming one of my more favored bands, he's got to be especially convincing -- and isn't really. Good stage presence again, but the vocal's bad.

Whoa! After long praise from Jason ... Toby gets eliminated.

The guys stall into another commercial break. I'm feeling ambivalent. Dilana winning would be cool -- but Dilana making her own album would be cooler.

And Lukas wins. And I am relieved. I am so not interested in this guy that I will feel no impulse to buy the Supernova-or-whatever CD just because I like the lead singer. I'm not even sticking around for the closing performance with the band. Let's get Dilana into the studio.

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